Wednesday, October 20, 2010

less than 24 hours until NYC

I first want to point out that I tried to use the less than sign, but unfortunately Blogspot thinks I am trying to write code. So I actually had to type the words "less than"  which kind of lost it's zing.
Anyway, in a few hours I, and certain other members of my family will be heading East (and a little North) to the Big Apple.
We will be leaving behind a dog and a large burly man, lest anyone be reading this thinking the might like to break into our house. No seriously, there will be someone there.

Anyway, I have these grand visions of blogging during our trip, posting pictures and writing clever stories, but in reality, I probably won't do anything, until I get back.
But a girl can dream can't she?
Anyway, I am excited. I am packed and (mostly) ready to go.
I am most excited about flying with Everette (he does not reciprocate). I LOVE traveling with Everette. We have the best conversations.

Everette's brother and his totally awesome girlfriend have planned the whole weekend. The one thing Everette wanted to do was go to Ellis Island. I don't know how much time the scheduled but I am sure it is not enough. Because the one thing I know for sure about Everette is, if there is some sort of historical or informative fact written on a plaque anywhere in a five mile radius of is eyes, he will read it. All of it, until there is nothing left to read.

So Peace, Love, and Lady Liberty.

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