Friday, October 29, 2010

NYC Part 3

I realize that these post are largely descriptive, and maybe not that interesting, but I really want to write it all down so that in a few years I can remember it more accurately. And since I need an audience for everything I do, you all both will just have to suffer through.
Saturday we woke up and managed to drag our battered bodies out of bed.
We(Everette and I) dressed ourselves and headed down to a restaurant in the hotel that served a breakfast buffet. A buffet, Everette's brother got us complimentary tickets for (because he is awesome), or we would have "suffered" through the continental breakfast upstairs.

I managed to choke down an egg omelet and some bacon and more. I think I am going to have to do a whole post or serious of posts on New York food, because it was amazing. So stay tuned. You know I always follow through on my blog promises.
After breakfast we hopped in a cab and headed to the USS Intrepid museum. Something Everette drummed up. It was actually really interesting. If you ever do it, spring for the audio tour, you really will learn a whole lot more, and you don't have to exert so much energy reading... trust me, in New York, you need to do three things: 1.conserve energy 2. Sit whenever possible and 3. PEE whenever possible.
One super neat thing, there were a few men who actually served on the Intrepid who volunteer at the museum (which is actually the old ship). It was neat to hear them talk about the ship, as they knew it in a very different way. (Hey mom, this is one of those moments when I wished you were with me, so that you could ask a bazillion questions, and embarrass me to death, but secretly I'd  be happy, because I was learning so much and really wanted to know the answers to all those annoying questions you were asking.)

 Reason number one I would never work on a submarine

 Reason number two

 This, from the Growler submarine, is the most badass freestanding mixer ever (until we saw the one in the galley of the ship).
 This is the view from the stern of the carrier (facing starboard)
 This is the view of the bow of the ship (are you impressed with my boat terminology yet?)

 (Our intelligent, charming, knowledgeable tour guides) Apparently helicopter pilots too!

We each took a turn in the G-4 simulator. Which was totally awesome. Once I convinced Everette it would be more fun to spin the crap out of it than it would be to try to "play the game" and actually shoot the enemy.
This is NOT the G-4 simulator. This is the tiny replica rescue boat. On a giant waterbed, so you could really get the feel for what it would be like. At one point all four of us were in it and I really did fear for my life.

We then grabbed a cab back to Brad and Meghan's apartment to watch the Tiger Bowl. We had earlier discussed heading to the bar that plays all things Auburn to watch the game, but I think we were all happy to veg on the couch and watch the game. I am pretty sure everyone took a power nap.

Sorry Meghan, Everette took this, and you just look so darn cute!

We dashed back to the hotel to change clothes and headed to a restaurant called Quality Meats for a divine dinner. I mean.. divine. But again, more on that later.

 I will vouch for Everette here, he is happy, just full!
 So something weird and freaky is happening with my makeup and the camera flash... but what would be a rather adorable picture, is bizarro, as I look like death has just washed over me.

We stopped in at the Apple Store, just to look around.
(I didn't take any pictures here, because I didn't have an iphone, or an itouch, or an icamera or an i-mark-of-the-beast and I was afraid, someone would throw me out..and we had some serious Youtube videos to watch)
Everette and I strolled happily back to the hotel. In a happy, dreamy, food induced haze.

We then walked in through the Main Lobby, which, quite frankly, I am not sure how anyone can come to work every day and not catch their breath every time they step through those doors.

More, more, more, more to come!

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