Saturday, October 2, 2010

One of those moments

Every where I go, I have an internal debate as to whether or not I take my camera. Usually I don't because it is big and awkward, and I don't like dealing with it for the entire event. Sometimes I am glad I didn't bring it, but other times I kick myself repeatedly.
Today was one of those times... sort of.
Today one of Everette's roommates from college got married.
The wedding was at someone's house, and since the house had limited parking we parked at a nearby church and were shuttled to the location. It was kinda fun.
As we stepped out of the car, my self-inflicted beating commenced.
I should back up, and explain that Everette's old roommate is one of those people. One of those people that you admire and secretly want to emulate.
He is quiet, but he is kind, and sincere, and sweet, and hilarious! If you can get him to speak.  And let me just say never leave your drink unattended if he is around, but that is another story. He is the kind of guy that might be easily passed over, and probably didn't have girls banging down his door in hot pursuit of him. Which I personally think was in his best interest (he may or may not agree), because the any girl who took the time really see him, would see just what a treasure he was. And I think Amy (his new wife) saw his awesomeness.
Anyway, it is one of those weddings you go to with a lot of anticipation. Not because it is going to be a slammin' party, but because you, from the very bottom of your soul, want to smother these people with goodness, because of the high regard in which you hold them.
I have only been to a couple of other weddings like that.
Back to stepping out of the car. The moment my eyes fell onto the scene in front of me, I was wishing I had my camera, but in the same instant I was glad I didn't have it. Sometimes when I have my camera, I become obsessed with capturing the image the way my eyes see it, and sometimes, in doing that, I miss out on what is in front of me. So I sat down, determined to blaze the image into my mind and into my heart. To say it was magical is simply an understatement.

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