Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby News

So we have a few things to report.
Jonathan is officially 4 months now. What a fun month it has been. He can now reach and grab things. He loves his kick-n-play. He coos and goos all the time! He has started drooling like nobody's business. He smiles and almost laughs. He can almost roll over, he can defniately rock and roll. Which brings me to my first item. We have had our first official tumble. Daddy was watching him on Tuesday and he laid him on the chair in the office (he was asleep). The next thing Everette knew he heard a thud and Jonathan was face down on the floor. All was well. Another cute aside. Max jumped up and gave a loud bark when Jonathan fell and was licking him before Everette could even get to him.
Jonathan has also started sucking his fingers. It is pretty cute.
even if this picture is not.

We go to the doctor next Monday for our four month check up. It will be interesting to see how much Jonathan weighs... it feels like a ton! I have attached a few recent pictures. Most of them around bath time.

Big Boy! Standing up!!

He has outgrown the baby tub! Now it's time for baths in the big boy tub!


Michelle said...

A couple of things:

1. Why is it so hard to take cute pictures of babies? They look so cute in person, but the great shot that captures the moment is very elusive to me...

2. The picture of Jonathan standing up is funny to me. He is naked and looking at himself in the mirror. It just kind of tickled me.

3. I like your more frequent postings. In case I don't get to talk to you daily.

melissa said...

LOVE the picture of Everette and Jonathan. I second Michelle's comment... all of it!