Friday, January 25, 2008

Family fun

My brother and sister-in-law spent last weekend in FLorida for her younger brother's wedding. For part of the time Everette and I watched Mary. My sister was watching Elijah. SO we spent some time together. We had a great time! My niece and nephew are the best!
One of the things Mary did the night she spent with us was to take a bath in our GIANT bath tub. She loved it. We had bubbles and jets. It was super fun. SHe told me that she never wanted to get out, even if it meant never seeing her parents again! (I think the bubbles were getting to her). She changed her mind when the hot water started getting colder.
Anyway, the next day Elijah had to come over and take a bath too! It was only fair. I finally got smart and took pictures of him. He loved it too! He was doing laps and relaxing. He tried hard to keep the splashing to a minimum.
Here are some pictures.He found the pillow so he had to "relax" in the tub

He was swimming laps in the tub, one time he got a little too carried away and bumped his head.

Here he was floating!

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Michelle said...

It seems like he might be chillaxin'.