Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For you sweetie!

I love my husband.... a lot. But his intensity is hard to deal with. His brain goes a million miles a minute and it rarely, if ever, stops. This paired with the fact that he feels totally comfortable with me and he is home all day leaves me with a daily barrage of etymological vomit. I have come to realize that he doesn't mean to sound critical, he just thinks about everything and he thinks that everyone else (or at least me) wants to be as on top of everything as he is. So he just shares his thoughts (for improvement's sake), for example... in the last five minutes he has commented on the creaminess of the sherbet I just brought him... it is different and not as good as the stuff I normally buy (he was in a quandary when I pointed out that it was the same stuff I bought for the past few years--only recently had I begun to purchase a different brand-he was able to determine--that he, in fact, likes the new kind better, it is less creamy, for this he has my undying gratitude for now I am better able to buy the most perfect sherbet of all). He then immediately asked me, "when are you going to blog again?" To this I replied, "I dunno, why" (don't ask me why I added that last word--it isn't like he wouldn't have told me anyway--sometimes I think I am masochistic).
He then said, "If you want people to come to your site you have to keep posting all the time."
To this I then said, completely calmly due to my infinite patience, "my blog is for me, I post when I want to (I apologize for ending my statement with a preposition). So sweetie, here is my post.. for you, about you.
Thank you for being exactly who you are, one giant ball of pent up energy bouncing around smacking people in the back of the head.
No seriously... I really do love you, and your big ole brain. You are brilliant, and generous, and sweet (when no one is watching). Thanks for everything you do, and everything you give me. Besides, what would I write about on my blog if I didn't have you for comedic material?
p.s. Kudos to me for writing a blog with the most parenthetical expressions and runon sentences!

p.p.s. also.. my condolences to the family of Heath Ledger, and to the thousands of other families whose loved ones die unnoticed by the rest of the world.


Everette said...

Well at least this proves you listen:)

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

I love that you give the shout-out to English-y minded people (ours is not to question why, ours is but to not end a sentence with a preposition or die...). hehe

Brock and Amber said...

This post is too funny! We miss you guys!