Saturday, January 19, 2008


It is sad when your 4 month-old is more stylish than you... and the size of his wardrobe could rival those seen on "Cribs." During out visit with Aunt Nancy, I noticed that Jonathan's clothes were getting a little tight. Actually, his toes were getting smooshed. So when I got home I shifted his wardrobe up to 3-6 months. Boy has he hit paydirt. Apparantly everyone we know bought him something in 3-6. When I had pulled the tags off of everything and got ready to wash, he literally had a mountain of clothes. Suddenly I am feeling very pressured to make sure that he wears everything before he outgrows it. No more little sleepers. He has jeans and bibs and cords and collared shirts. I am considering a challenge to myself to see if it is possible to dress him in everything he has before I do any laundry. Or maybe he can wear a new outfit everyday until he moves up to the next size. YIkes!

For now.... here are some naked pictures I took in Cleveland!

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melissa said...

Wow - that looks like a happy belly! :)