Thursday, June 19, 2008


Our power went out about Noon today. It was kind of pleasant. The windows were already open it was warm but not humid and as always there was a breeze. We basically live on a prairie (ok I am trying to "glam" up an old cornfield) so it is almost always windy. It was out for about an hour and a half. There are varying stories as to the reason for the outage flying around the neighborhood. When Everette called to report it (he was the first--imagine that!) they seemed surprised, but later other neighbors in a dither told us that they were told that it was planned and that we received a phone call as well as a report on the news, radio and newspaper. We consider ourselves fairly informed, but had heard nothing. No one else on our street had heard about it either.
No matter the reason, Everette couldn't work so we lounged in bed for a while (Jonathan was sleeping). Let me aside. I LOVE laying in my bed with the windows open and a cool breeze blowing in the middle of the day. It reminds me of when I was growing up and I used to lay in my parents bed and watch TV, and often take a nap after an afternoon at the pool. Big fluffy pillows and a cool sheet. Almost heaven.
Ok so it was lunchtime and I had delicious stir fry leftover for lunch (yes I am a rebel and I reheat my bacteria ridden rice-so far I have survived). But we had no power, a.k.a no microwave, no stove, no toaster oven (my own personal hell). Actually only a limited supply of water-which explains why I have yet to take a shower today. So I thought we would be stuck with PB&J. But Everette had a great idea of taking the leftovers and putting aluminum foil in his new (for Father's Day) Grill basket and reheating them on the grill. So we all enjoyed a pleasant lunch on the back deck. played on the grass and Everette munched on some sugar snap peas growing in our garden. We contemplated going swimming but unfortunately the power came back on. Bummer.
It's funny how so many people were in a tizzy without power around us; and while I acknowledge that a reliable power supply is essential for Everette to work from home, I secretly was thrilled when it went out. It is like a freak snowstorm when you have no choice but to stop what you are doing and enjoy yourself. It was a wonderful afternoon treat, topped off with a trip to Sonic for a powerade slush and a cherry limeade.

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melissa said...

I love those days too... I love the snowstorms when you have to put a fire in the fireplace and play games and watch movies for a day or two because there's nothing left to do. I also love keeping the windows open on a breezy day. :)