Monday, June 9, 2008

Sometimes He Still Surprises me

So after almost five years of marriage, I like to think that I have Everette pretty much figured out. Maybe not always why he does what he does, but at least when and how. I know, pretty arrogant of me. Pretty stupid too, I mean considering that I have known myself for 26 years and I still don't have that one figured out. Amazing that I could so confidently break down one man into a multiple choice of responses. So here's what happened. First of all, I am so learning to appreciate the weekends. Especially as of late, because they haven't been booked solid. Saturday, Everette and his dad assembled the deck rail in the rain. I know, doesn't that sound like fun?! We then went to a wedding reception in the afternoon. Sunday was marvelous. The weather was beautiful. After church, we went outside to finish the deck, and then Jonathan woke up so we filled up the kiddie pool and we all had a GREAT Time! In fact I think he would have stayed in there forever, if I hadn't dragged him out because of the sun. Then he played in the shade, in his little red wagon, while I planted flowers. He had a great time. It was quite a fabulous day. Now to the point. It was getting late and Jonathan was reaching his limit, of course I was only half done with planting the flowers, totally grimy and not really at a good stopping point at all. Everette had totally emptied our garage (he can now park his truck in the garage) and was in the process of reorganizing. However he was not nearly as dirty as I was. So I trucked the little red wagon, with Jonathan in tow around to the front of the house. I was pretty sure that I would have to "convince" Everette that he needed to give Jonathan a bath (I was hoping to avoid that since our pool adventure-but the wind blew dirt and peat all over him and ground it in to his sweaty skin) and put him to bed, since he was less dirty. I was prepared for a small battle of wills. I knew that I had a good case, but I was certain that he would be grumpy at having to stop what he was doing to put Jonathan to bed.
To my surprise he simply said ok. I could tell that he wasn't happy about stopping, but it was clear that he was definitely in "daddy" mode. All of my arguments I had formulated in my mind were unnecessary. I didn't have to remind him that Jonathan was his son too, and he had some child rearing responsibility too even when it isn't convenient. None of that. He stopped what he was doing and he took him in and put him to bed, and I was able to finish planting the flowers.
The evening finished with Everette and I eating Chinese on our newly finished back deck in the cool of the evening. That will give you an idea of how late we ate, considering it is still bright daylight at 8:30 PM.

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melissa said...

That's a fun story. :) By the way, your picture of Jonathan in the pool is about the cutest baby picture I've ever seen. We need to get together soon!