Monday, June 23, 2008

Reason Number 9764

...that I love my new floors. Max threw up today, and clean up involved paper towels!

In other less disgusting news...
Another great weekend with the Mills Family. Friday, Everette took off work at 3:30 and we went swimming with my sister-in-law and my nieces and nephew. It was a great time and Jonathan lasted in the pool the whole time. Minus a snack break. He made it two hours and more! We finished off the evening with a cookout at our house. Saturday we had a lazy morning, Everette installed a garage door opener in the third car port. Because, after a year we finally figured out the best garage set up so that Everette can get his enourmous truck in the garage!! At 4 we left for the Taste of Tippecanoe, by brother's band, SmallTown Heroes played on the Americana stage. My parents took Jonathan home, and Everette and I had a great evening out alone, we stayed until after the fireworks. Sunday was relaxing around the house with a trip to Menards and Sonic for a Blue Powerade Slush.
So my camera has been out of commission for a while (i.e. downstairs) but I have some pictures from our last few days of swim lessons-with daddy and a few from the Taste
My favorite thing that Everette does with Jonathan is put him on his stomach and swim around with him. Jonathan hangs on and kicks his little legs and Everette looks like a sea otter. Very Adorable
We worked on floating with Daddy! It is not natural to just lay your head back in the water.

I am not sure who had more fun Daddy or Jonathan!

Jonathan totally doesn't mind being dunked. I wouldn't say he loves it but it doesn't bother him at all. He just keeps swimming and splashing!

I forgot Jonathan's hat when we went to the Taste, I also didn't bring sunscreen-it's a wonder they let me parent!?! Thankfully gramps had a hat he could borrow. Also a great picture of Gramps!

Jonathan is sitting here wathing STH play. He also hated the loud music. He gets that from his Dad. I am glad we decided not to keep him for the fireworks.
Too much Taste!

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