Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cup of Poison

Jonathan is an amazing eater. Once we switched to formula, he now eats like a champ. The transition to cereal and other solid foods was super easy. He got the hang of the spoon and to this day has not met a food he doesn't like. I mean we have tried a lot... asparagus, red pepper (not his favorite, but he still gobbled it up), zucchini, sweet potato, blue berries, banana, Cheerios, Sweet Potato stars, etc. He like every other baby, likes to explore things with his mouth. He puts everything he can in there. So imagine my surprise when he refuses, I mean arched-back-mouth-clamped-shut-face-turned-flat-out refuses to put the sippy cup in his mouth. I have tried formula, water, juice. I've tried different types of sippy cups. Nothing works. He won't even open his mouth to get it in to see what it tastes like. You would think I was trying to poison him! I am not necessarily worried, I am sure we will conquer this eventually, it hasn't been that long really. I just find it amusing that this is our road block. I never would have thought the sippy cup would be so rejected. Oh well!

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melissa said...

Don't worry - it just takes time. Nothing compares to a boob!