Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So my mom went with me to Jonathan's swim lessons, that was wonderful. Swimming lessons are another item added to my growing list as to why God gave children two parents. But another bonus is that she was able to take some actions shots. Today was a great day, because Jonathan was really into it. The previous two days he was more fascinated with the jillions of things that were going on around him. He could have cared less if he was in the water. Today he was kicking and splashing, he laid on his back, he went under the water a bunch of times. He was talking and making all sorts of noises. He is the only boy in the class. Hopefully daddy can come Thursday or Friday.

He's an expert kicker!!

Eventually he even laid his head back and relaxed his feet!

He was great at dunking, he held his breath everytime, and he never choked, he did always come up with eyes wide!


Pat said...

I moseied (will that get through spell check?) over to check out your BLOG tonight and loved your baby swim photos. I have had the great pleasure of teaching each of my children to swim and now am having a BLAST with my grands! What a sweet surprise to find "Pantylines" mentioned in one of your posts! You are the best!!!
Thanks for your comments and for helping me to gather bloggers.
You are a sweetheart!

Michelle said...

Is he ready for Susan's pool?

JEM Truly Outrageous said...

oh yeah! We bought a floatie and everything. I'm ready for Susan's pool!

Paige said...

Cute little guy you got there. My two year old just realized she could swim all by herself with her floaties
this week. Kids truly are so fun.
Thanks also for your post on pantylines. You have such great wisdom.

melissa said...

I learned that if you blow into a child's mouth just before you put them underwater, they will instinctively hold their breath for a few seconds. It works! (We learned it at swim lessons). My suit is the same color as yours!