Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Blog

I just returned from a Women's Leadership Conference with my church. It was very interesting. I went to several sessions about ministering to women in crisis. Taught by a woman who opened one of the first Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the nation. It was awesome. Crisis Pregnancy is something I have been interested in for a long time. I am only just now trying to figure out what God wants me to do about it (I should probably start by filling out the volunteer form for LifeCare). Anyway, this woman was working writing a book about "grey" issues of being a Christian woman. She is gathering her research by blogging. It is way interesting, and I have already posted twice.
I encourage you ladies to check it out.
THe title is....
Are Pantylines signs of Godliness: Should Christian Women wear thongs?

On another note... I am truly thankful for Everette. I am thankful for his confidence and unyielding determination. These two traits in particular made it incredibly easy to leave this weekend. As I talk to other women, I realize how fortunate I am. When I left, all I had to do was to make sure that there were clean clothes, diapers, and food for Jonathan. I didn't have to write any instructions, lay out any clothes, make any food ahead of time, describe the bedtime routine. I never once got a phone call about how something is done, or what to do in a situation. Everette handled everything beautifully. I knew he would, but it was nice not to have to stress to make sure EVERY little detail is tended to. Other women were amazed that Everette was even taking care of him alone. Many talked how they would have never been able to leave their husbands with their small children. I did have to wonder how much of that was because of their husbands, or their own desire to control and not let go of things. At any rate, it am grateful, for the weekend away that wasn't so much prep work that it seemed hardly worth it.


Amber Bahler said...

Hey girl! So, of course I went to the "thong website" and I'm just gonna be honest...I don't think any of the issues on the website are "grey" issues at all. I think that our Christian liberty allows us to do any of them or not do any of them. I think that the reason we have come to consider most as "grey" issue is the result of our Christian subculture clinging onto victorian values and mindsets and consistently taking a conservative viewpoint rather than a scriptural viewpoint. That said, I love your comments on the "thong" post- RIGHT ON!!

JEM Truly Outrageous said...

I see your point, however would your answer be the same if your twelve-year-old daughter wanted to wear them? Also... you should post your comments on the blog--the whole point of hte blog is to gather information for a book she is writing, and currently there aren't that many different people writing. I think she is trying to have a wide variety of women