Monday, August 11, 2008

Mitch Daniels and BLT's

... two unrelated topics.
First the important stuff.
When my tomato plants grew to enormous and mutant sizes, I began to think about what I could do with all of these tomatoes. One of my first thoughts... Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches (I am not sure why there is no M for mayo as this is an equally essential part of the BLT). As I waited for my tomatoes to ripen my craving for a BLT began to grow and I was tempted to buy a tomato to appease my craving. But I resisted. But I began to prepare. I bought some bacon-good bacon--thick cut. I made sure we had mayonnaise and I even splurged on good bread. And I waited. This was hard because as you know it takes a few days for large tomatoes to really ripen so they are sweet and juicy. I watched them out of my kitchen window in anticipation. I resisted the urge to pick the "almost ripe" ones. Finally this weekend they were ready. I picked them on Thursday and waited until Friday just to be sure. Friday evening we made BLT's, I toasted the bread, spread the mayo (on both sides) used lettuce from our garden too, and they were mouth-watering delicious!! I am so glad I waited. They were so unbelievably fabulous. I am so glad I only made enough bacon for two sandwiches, as I am sure I would have eaten BLT's until I was quite sick. Yumm!!!! I have more tomatoes if anybody wants some!

Now for the other stuff. This Saturday was the town of Battle Ground's 150th anniversary. So they of course had a celebration. There was pancakes and biscuits and gravy, and carriage rides, and garden tours and a parade and... the governor. Yeah.. We can't quite figure it out either. THere were maybe 300 people (and I am being generous) at the celebration but there was Our Man Mitch riding his motorcycle in the parade. See pictures below. We figured it was a great excuse for him to ride his bike on a glorious (and I do mean "glorious" day) up from Indy.
At any rate, I must admit it was pretty cool to see the Governor in the little town you grew up in. He was of course, totally celebrity style waving! which was funny because the crowd was so small that you could really make eye contact with him. Which I did.... awkward!

Brian, Elijah, Mary, and Me on the carriage ride.

Jonathan crawling around on the sidewalk...yeah, he does that now!

It's the Governor!!!


darcilyna said...

you've got to be a good writer when a BLT story totally had me in suspense! i'm glad it ended well, i was starting to think there would be a sad ending with all the suspense. love ya!

Amber B said...

WOW! That BLT sure sounds good! I've been craving salty things lately and bacon sounds delish! I'll have to use some of our tomatoes when they are ripe to make BLTs .