Thursday, August 21, 2008


Recently I have been trying to get a little more protein into Jonathan, which is a little tricky, because he only has two teeth (although he has four coming in on the top). I boiled a chicken breast and have been giving him bits at meals. Mostly he puts them in his mouth and lets them sit there (for like 30 mins) he does not try to chew the chicken much.
However, the other day we were at Everette's parents house having steak, so I cut a little slice up and gave it to him. He proceeded to shove all of the chunks into his mouth and he began to make all kinds of happy noises. He was squirting the juices out of his mouth and squealing with delight. So of course we had to film him. It was hilarious... apparently he prefers red meat!

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Annie said...

I love it. What a happy kid-- and a carnivore, too!