Friday, August 8, 2008

Too good to be true and the advantages of a made bed

So I knew it probably would last...
My perfectly awesome amazingly wonderful sleeper has disappeared. My son, who slept almost whenever I laid him down, sleeps no longer. I am hoping/praying that this is only a short phase.
His naps are barely an hour sometimes only 20 mins. And for the past few smattering of nights he has woken up multiple times. Thankfully he never really gets "up" he just cries out until someone comes in and lays him back down and sticks his pacifier back in. I can't complain (even though I am), he has been such a good sleeper and even now it isn't too bad. The problem is when you get accustomed to a certain standard it is hard to adjust whatever it is.

Ok... the advantages of making your bed...
I have been trying to make our bed every morning for the past few weeks. Historically, it has not been my top priority and it gets made maybe before we get it in for the night or not at all.
I am making this list primarily to encourage myself to keep it up.

1. Your bed looks so inviting.
2. Your bedroom suddenly looks WAAAAAAAAAAAY cleaner.
3. you have a large surface area to fold and sort laundry on (another task I am trying to do daily).
4. Your bed looks SO inviting (inviting enough to take a nap on it later in the afternoon.
5. It makes a great place to play with your baby.
6. It only takes five seconds and everyone is a whole lot happier.

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