Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taste and See..

...that the Lord is good!!
This weekend was Trinity Mission's Taste and See festival. It is a pretty fun event put on for the downtown Lafayette Community.
Trinity invites local churches to come set up a table and pass out something fun and free. A lot of people pass out food and candy, ECC makes mini elephant ears (they are delicious). They have games and other fun activities. One church even had a blood pressure cuff and they were offering BP readings. There is a big tent with different bands playing all day. Our church for the second year in a row, rented a Big Bounce and gave away popcorn. It is so fun. One of the things that I love about this festival it to me it is a great picture of the Body of Christ. All of these churches come together to minister in a small way with no agenda. There are of course churches who set brochures out, but the main purpose is just to love the people who come.
Trinity Mission Outlet Store is pretty much in the heart of the poor community of Lafayette, kids and whole families came out in large numbers to "taste and see". Anyway, we were there for most of the afternoon. Needless to say, the big bounce in one of the main attractions. The crowd is small enough that most of the kids could jump over and over and over without having to wait in line too much. Everette was a popcorn making machine in the beginning and later transferred to Big Bounce Bodyguard. Here are some pictures...
Also, since it is like the fourth of fifth time we have used The Big Bounce Company I thought I would give it a plug. If anyone in the area is ever interested in a big bounce, I highly recommend them. It only costs $170.00 to rent, for 24 hours (yes you can have it overnight). no deposit no delivery fee. I am not saying you can have it for every birthday party, but it is pretty reasonable. Great for block parties.

So technically flips are not allowed, but this was not staged. We told him not to after I snapped the photo. But it turned out pretty cool so I posted it.

Everette (all smiles as usual) with our pastor, Dan Teefey and his baby girl Miriam, you can see the popcorn machine to the left.

Dana Teefey and Adelaide under the easy up (thanks Dad) with Jonathan and Colleen

These are two of my favorite pictures. Everette, who can often present a gruff and harsh exterior, inside I think he is really just a big kid. And he loves kids, he was chatting it up with the kids in line, shaking their hands, talking to them about school. The little girl in the pink just plopped right down in his lap. Didn't ask, just made herself at home. Just an FYI Everette was checking his watch to time the kids in the big bounce, not because he was bored or ready to go.

Totally unrelated, a few days ago Jonathan was eating puffs in his high chair and I looked over and saw this. THe camera was handy so I just snapped a picture.

The Puff Beard


Amber B said...

Lack of planning bites the Bahlers in the butt again! We were at home last week for Brant's wedding and just chilling out at my mom's rental house from about 12-2 on Sat. We were pretty busy and didn't think we had time to do anything but, said rental house is within walking distance of Trinity Mission and we could've strolled on over to see you guys! Oh well, such is life!

Megan said...

Bummer! We were totally there, in fact I was strolling around the block at 1:30, I could've walked right past you!