Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Sunday turned out to be a lovely day. After church we headed to Everette's parents house for lunch. Mary made JELLO eggs, a Mills' family tradition and I made green bean casserole. I ironically, when I set out to make it, I realized I had no recipe. In all my cookbooks, in all my years of eating green bean casserole I had no recipe. I managed to find one that wasn't too bad. It was the official Campell's Soup recipe. My mom bought Jonathan an adorable Easter outfit. Mary found Everette's first one, but it was definitely made for warmer weather. I think we will wait for a warmer day to take a few pictures of Jonathan in it. We did get out to take a few pictures in his easter outfit. And some adorable video of twenty adults sitting around doting on Jonathan. He turned it way up. The video will have to be later, as it is about ten minutes, and no one wants to watch that. No one is that cute!
Reading with Gramps!
We can say "ducky" "quack" "woof" "doggy"

nothing cuter than Father and Son
Look at those curls!
Nice Doggie!
And we're off again.
A flower from Gramma Susie!
Look at that adorable boy!

Seriously can you even get enough of these two!
Matchy! matchy!
Confession: I planned these outfits!Ahhhh! Kisses!
Oh my goodness, I could eat them up!
Daffodils are so amazing, I just can't get enough.
look at that argile, sweater vest. Future geek!
eat it up!So we're running out of smiles.
The ever elusive family photo!
Better but not great!
Mmmm Daddy Love!

bye! bye!


Laura Lee said...

wow. so you like to pinch the cord of the camera together and then let it go so you get a whole bunch of pictures all at once?

melissa said...

I love all the pictures! Your men are adorable.