Monday, April 27, 2009

A Follow-up To the Celebrity Sighting

So, TV is a funny thing. It brings strangers into your home on a regular basis; you get to know them and form relationships with them. What you don't realize until you are confronted by this, is that these relationships are entirely one sided.
Mike "brennley" is is one of those delightfully goofy characters, we love to poke fun at in our home, the way a teacher ribs his favorite student. He is somewhat of a fixture in our home. When the rain comes 8 hours after it was predicted, we just say, "oh Mike". He and his weather forcast have quietly slipped in under the radar and made themselves a regular part of our home. I have seen him out and about in the community, but he was always working. This was the first time I saw him doing regular human things, when I saw him at Marsh. Here's how it all went down.
It was Friday evening and Everette dropped me off at Marsh while I ran in to grab a few things for dinner with his parents. I was rushing around as usual, because I get all delirious when I am actually at a store without my kid, and suddenly a bajillion things rush into my brain that I need to do/get when he is not around, then I get all panicky because I know Everette is waiting in the car and I always try to grab one more thing while I am just "running in real quick". Suddenly in a bright royal blue shirt coming from the other direction I spotted "him". I quickly looked away as one avoids looking directly into the sun. I was walking at a brisk pace (ok Everette you can stop laughing now) headed toward the cereal aisle looking for oatmeal (obviously a household essential--ok confession I was getting grits for Everette, but I figured 60% of the ten people who read [yes I know that is 6] this would be like "what are grits?") when suddenly Mike (who was talking quite loudly on his cell phone) cut me off and turned into the cereal aisle too! He was walking in that "I'm talking on my cell phone and completely oblivious to everything else around me stop in the middle of the aisle" gait and literally stopped right in front of the oatmeal. Which caused me to jerk my cart backto avoid crashing into Mikey. That would have been emabarassing!
So then I was unsure of what to do next. Do I treat him like I would any other person in my way, speaking in that mousey total stranger polite voice, "excuse me." Pretending that I had no idea who he was. Would he be insulted that I didn't recognzie him or ask for his autograph? Or do I say, "Hey Mike, what ever happened to that 12 feet of snow you predicted? Have fun in Florida, oh by the way, could you move, you are blocking the oatmeal?" I even thought, I kid you not, about saying, "hey I am Bob Greene's daughter, you know that weird guy that talks to you at the gym." But then I figured there were probably several other wierd guys that talked to him at the gym and I didn't want him to associate me with any of them. Plus seriously how dumb is that?
Then I realized that I needed to make some decision because he would realize that I was just standing there behind him, like a stalker. Then I realized that I was acting like a weird stalker, and I figured he thought so too, so I started to blush and get all embarrassed.
Thankfully P-Dawg moved on down to the frosted flakes and I was able to apprehend the oatmeal and the grits without having to actually speak. I caught my breath and my knees regained their strength. And I left feeling sad that I didn't say, "thanks Mike for all the good times, we're gonna miss ya!"
So Mike Prangley if you ever google your name and this obscure blogpost pops up (which is unlikely since I hardly call you by your real name), That was me, the weird girl with the oatmeal in the grocery store, and thanks for all the good times, we'll miss your golden shovel!

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Michelle said...

A great tribute to the best internetologist out there.