Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Bunn is broken

No I not referring to my "sit-upon" as my grade school teacher would say. I am referring to the awesome, amazing coffee maker we bought four years ago.
It broke on thursday. I came down to make coffee, and the light wouldn't come on. To make matters worse it has temporarily tripped the circuit so that the coffee grinder wouldn't work. This was only worse because it gave me false hope. My parents thought their bunn was broken, but it turned out that the circuit was tripped. (Actually mom and dad yours may have really been broken too!).
Can we please have a moment of silence for the bunn that we love so much that we bought one for my parents, my in-laws, and my brother and sister-in-law. They are wonderful coffee makers. And it made a lot of coffee, quickly I might add.

So what do you do when your coffee maker breaks before you've had your morning coffee?
You panic and curse a few times under your breath.

Then you remember the french press you own!So you put the tea kettle on the stove.
Then you remember that you are in the middle of making oatmeal, and your "darling" husband has an aversion to anything even remotely burned. So you give the oatmeal a stir and turn down the heat.
After you save the oatmeal, and you are feeling pretty much like Wonderwoman, your heart sinks because you remember that recently you ran out of your regular Sam's Club Fair Trade Medium Roast Organic Whole Bean Coffee, and you purchased a tiny bag of ground coffee to get you through the week. Which means you can't use it in the French Press because the beans have to be coarse or they will fall through the mesh and you will have to chew your coffee. Then you curse again, because why couldn't your bunn have broken after your morning cup of coffee when these things are much easier to solve.

So then you break out your super secret delicious, but super expensive whole bean coffee that you use to make Toddy with, ration out enough beans to make a cup of coffee and a carafe of coffee for your "darling" husband, who is starting to get grumpy because it is 9 AM and he has no oatmeal or coffee. Then you press the coffee and you drink it's delicious ness, and all is right with the world again.

Then your husband goes away for a few days and you drink your Toddy, and you think all is well. Then he comes back and you remember that he has this habit of drinking two pots of coffee a day and there is no way you are going to let him use that many toddy beans. So you go to Sam's and get your beans.
But then you get annoyed because you still have that little bag of ground coffee going to waste.
Not to mention it takes a while to make two carafes full of french press coffee. So you remember back to your elementary school days, when you read the Little House on the Prairie books, and how Pa always made coffee over a fire in a kettle with the grounds. Then you think that would be gross, but you think, all the bunn does is heat the water and drain it over the grounds through the filter.
and you think, hey, I could do that. So you go out to the garage to find the contraption that holds the filter and the grounds and drips the coffee into the pot. then you remember that it is trash day and your husband probably threw the whole busted thing away!
So you sigh, and wished you lived somewhere where the bunn never breaks and husbands didn't take out the trash (wait-that came out wrong...)
Then you find a funnel! Genuis you think!! So you put the filter in the funnel over the carafe, pour in the coffee grounds and the boiling hot water, patting your self on the back for being so pioneering.

Then you wait....And wait....

And wait....
Because this really isn't such an awesome plan, because it is taking FOREVER. And it really would have been much faster to just make French press coffee. And what you really want to do is just to crawl back into bed until someone magically comes to your house to make coffee, and you call Starbucks and ask if they deliver.

Then you write a blog about it and post terrible pictures of the
whole stinkin' ordeal, secretly bewildered at the fact that ANYONE, has EVER PAID you to take a photograph in your life.


Angie Oswalt said...

I loved this blog - very entertaining! :) I'll bring by some Starbucks!! What day and what time?? p.s. - Brian's parents make coffee "The Little House on the Prairie" way still. They even own a coffee maker! They have a dishwasher too, and still do all their dishes by hand! Wow.

bethany said...

This made me laugh. I have been through the same... nightmare?

Do you have a stovetop espresso maker? Americanos are a life saver!