Monday, March 8, 2010

Bow to my awesomeness!

I promise to get back to the "my mother has a Hex on her" story... but I just had to post this.

you would be so proud.
Seriously... if there was ever a moment in your life when you should be proud of me (in addition to the time I allowed my self to be strapped to a table and in order for the doctor to bring, by force, our son into the world) this is it!

So I just embedded a video from Youtube on a previous post. No big deal. everybody does it right?
Except after I posted it I realized that the video was significantly larger than my blog column. So what did I do????
I clicked "Edit HTML", I read the code, found the line that determined the video width. and changed it and it worked.
That is right. I read computer code, and I edited it. All by myself. Everette isn't even home for backup!

You may all take a moment to marvel in my awesomeness.

Seriously, I'm waiting...

just a little more.

in other news.... look at the video!

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Crystal Trigg said...

I am amazed, I don't even know half of what you just said and you said it in english! Way to go Megan!