Saturday, March 6, 2010

an amalgamation

1 a : the action or process of amalgamating : uniting b : the state of being amalgamated

 I am going to take several different completely unrelated topics and unite them in one blog post. Because I can...

First of all... Everette's grandmother is in the hospital. First first of all.... I have mentioned this before,  but since it can be confusing,  Everette has an uncle Everette. He is his mother's brother, and lives with his family in lafayette, You may remember his eldest was the hiker lost in the woods in Washington. just wanted to clarify so you know who I am referring to when I say Uncle Everette. also on that note, he has a mother Mary, a grandmother Mary, an aunt Mary Lain, which he also shares the middle name Lain with his father and one cousin. Who's with me now. Oh and his uncle Everette is John Everette which John was his father's name.  Thursday, I got a call from Everette's wife Sharon, telling me that Grandmommie was in the hostpital and she couldn't get a hold of Mary (Everette's mom)  or Uncle Everette (who was in Atlanta at the time). She told me Grandmommie had congestive heart failure. Which to me sounds really bad. Anything with the words heart and failure together sounds pretty bad. Thankfully my mom was with me when I received the call. She explained that while it was seroius, it was also pretty common and pretty treatable. So after several phone calls everybody who needed to know, knew, and I went back to waiting.  Everette's mom is in Alabama (where his grandmother's live) and she and uncle Everette are dealing with things as they come. The Doctors seem pretty hopeful.  The biggest issue is up until now, Everette's 90 year old grandmother has been living alone, and that just doesn't seem safe any more. So figuring all of those details out now will be difficult.

On another note... February is gone! Spring is coming whether it wants to or not.
We have ordered our seeds and we are setting up our makeshift greenhouse!

In other news... Jonathan drew his first unassisted circle this month.

and  I invented a new kind of pizza. It's Peanut Butter Pizza and it's delicious!
take a flatbread pita, toast it. Spread your favorite peanut butter (crunchy foor me). top with Bananas and matchstick carrots (or any other fruit veggie combo--the carrots are important because they look like cheese) and drizzle with honey!!!

and coming soon....

my mom has a hex on her. details to follow.

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