Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In my last post I mentioned my mom's self-acknowledged disdain for cooking. My mom has made some... interesting food for us through the years. Her biggest problem aside from the psychological pains of being in the kitchen period, is her troublesome theory, that she knows better than the recipe.  She can take a recipe and completely disregard critical ingredients. Substituting them for things like applesauce or omitting them all together
It would be impossible to list all of her concoctions, but let's do a few eh?

1. Soy ice cream--this she made for desert on Father's day. A real treat. Now we have some family that occasionally abstain from dairy products when this might be acceptable. But Father's Day was not such an occasion.
2.Sumo wrestling yeast rolls. Yeast rolls that mom has allowed to rise too long and their fat bellies lop over the side of the muffin tin.
3. cottage cheese and (insert your least favorite flavor of )jello.
4. Lasagna with tofu.
5. pudding with tofu. ( I could spend a whole day on tufu and the gross things my mom has done with it).
6. brownies made with applesauce (while I realize many of these may seem like my mother's unappreciated attempts at making us eat healthy--I assure that is not completely the case-for some reason these are what come to mind--I have issues).
7.There is only one way to eat steak in my mom's kitchen. Extra crispy.
At any moment in time you can open up my mom's fridge and find some dark, slimy something.  Pick it up in order to dump it, assuming it was something old and forgotten, and my mom will say, "wait, don't get rid of that, that is such and such. I am eating it for lunch.

There are a few things that I remember mom making really well.
1. Pizza from the Battle Ground pizza king  (hey-somebody had to place the order).
2. Ham and bean soup (even as a really young kid, I remember loving it.)
3. Pot roast. I remember my mom making killer pot roast. Eating it on Sundays after church.

So here's the irony. After posting about how I am becoming like my mom... I made a pot roast.
It was not good.
I can't really say what happened. It was some bizarre combination of over and under cooked. I followed the recipe, and it still turned out whack. Not inedible, but not melt in your mouth delicious.
So I have decided to make it my personal mission to make an awesome pot roast. Good thing I have about four down in my freezer. (you get lots of roasts when you buy a quarter of a cow).
I'll let you know how it turns out.

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amberbahler said...

Pudding with Tofu eh?? I'm not sure how that would even work!

This sounds about like my mom...the ironic thing is that my mom can be a TERRIFIC cook. She just substitutes and gets in a hurry too much. While certainly not the worst, the ... interesting.. dish that I remember the most was when she replaced chicken with chicken lunchmeat in
a casserole. YUCK!
Ironically, we also bought a 1/4th cow last fall and I have decided to make enchilada meat, BBQ beef sandwhiches, and stroganoff with the roasts. Brock and I decided that neither one of us were pot roast fans...and then we went home at Christmas and Jackie made the best pot roast I'd EVER TASTED! IT was SOO GOOD! Of course, when I asked for the recipe she said "Well, I just threw in a little of this..a little of that.." Oh WELL!