Friday, February 18, 2011

A Taste of Spring

I was not anxious for warm weather. If we had to spend all of February snuggled up warm and cozy inside, while outside the world was under a blanket of snow, I would be delighted.
It isn't until I get a taste of spring that I start hungering for more.
Sunday... was tasty.
In fact, it was delicious. It was sunny and warm and glorious.

So glorious, that the Mills clan decided to head out for a walk.

In only our jackets. Our jackets people.okay okay maybe our mittens too.
It was fantastic.
Spring was in the air, and it made me want more.
Except I live in Indiana and the last great ice storm came in March.  So I can't get my hopes up.
But we had a great time on Sunday... and I took pictures...

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I am so happy you are writing again!