Friday, February 4, 2011

A worthwhile thought

Every once in a while I come across something, I feel is worth repeating.. And since I have this blog, I am repeating it here. And since you were foolish enough to click on the link, you have to read it.

This is from a Bible Study I am currently in....

"...true conviction doesn't look for loopholes, and it isn't sad.  Of course, we may feel grief when parting with something we enjoy, but if true conviction is present we will begin to look at that thing as something that was taking the place of God, something that was stealing from us. As we rid it from our lives we will be hopeful with anticipation, anxious to see what God will do in this newly-created space. We will not look for loopholes. We will be resolved. We will know that we are in a position to gain, not to be stolen from any longer."
                                                                                 -Kelly Minter
                                                                                    No Other Gods

Something to think about.

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