Saturday, February 2, 2008

More recently

This Monday Jonathan had his four month check-up. It was great because Daddy got to come. He weighed in at 13.13 which puts him in the 25 percentile. Which isn't bad if you consider that last month he wasn't even on the charts. Dr. Miller was pleased with his progress and said that he was developing right on par. Which brings us to our other big news... We are ready to start solids!!! We have been eating rice cereal with a big-boy spoon, in our big-boy chair all week. I am not saying he is a pro but he really isn't doing too bad. A fair amount of the cereal ends up being swallowed. One trick I learned is to turn the spoon upside down, this allows him to suck the cereal off better. The hardest part is finding the right time. He has to be hungry (so he will actually put things in his mouth) but not too hungry (or he screams bloody murder because he wants his bottle! Next stop... cheerios!!!

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melissa said...

If he's screaming bloody murder for a bottle, try half a bottle, then solids, then the rest of the bottle. :)