Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Things

So it happened a couple of weeks ago, I apologize for my delay in posting, but while we were visiting my aunt out in Cleveland Jonathan started reaching. Everette and I were so proud. Many of the things that happen during a baby's development are so gradual. For instance, Jonathan has been smiling to some extent since the day he was born. But those first few weeks they were spastic muscle movements, not in a response to anything in particular, especially not us. Then they seem more purposeful but even still you aren't sure for even a few more weeks still.
Jonathan has a toy strung across his car seat, for a while he has been interested in watching the toys spin, but has made no definate attempt at touching it. Until one night we were all out at dinner, I pulled the toy down to eye level and went back to my conversation. I looked over a few minutes later and he was spinning it on his own. He was having a grand time. It was so cool to see him do something that he couldn't do the day before, and do it so well. It is the first time I really felt that Parent-pride. It was very cool. I took pictures!

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