Friday, February 8, 2008

Rolling Over!!

Jonathan rolled over for the first time all by himself. It was so fun. He was laying on the floor in our bedroom while I was doing some laundry and I came in and he had his shoulders turned and I thought this might be it. So I grabbed the camera and waited patiently and.. he did it!! Yay!! He is also starting to laugh a little.
Uncle Brad came into town this week. He was doing some recruiting for the Waldorf at Purdue. It is always great to see him and he always loves to see Jonathan. Jonathan had to show him all his tricks. Here are some pictures.. we had a big day (as evident in the three different outfits you will see on Jonathan!

I got my shoulders over....
Now if I can just get my leg!!
And.. there we go!! Tada!!
I am so pleased with myself!

Jonathan's first reaction to seeing Uncle Brad. (he also just woke up) Jonathan is wearing a shirt that Brad and Meghan bought him when he was first born.
After bathtime Uncle brad rocked Jonathan to sleep.
oh yeah... and here is the best/most recent picture of all of us. It is black and white so you can't see the roots of my hair that haven't been done since Jonathan was born (really--the day before I went to the hospital). Four and a half months, yikes!

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melissa said...

LOVE the picture! Adorable! You guys are so cute. :)