Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who knew?

So recently I took Jonathan for his 4 month appt. One of the things the doctor recommended was putting Rice cereal in his bottle to help with what she thinks is acid reflux. So we did, and it seems to be helping. However, I quickly realized that the tiny holes in the nipples would not be big enough for rice cereal so off I went to the store to get some new ones.. Little did I knew that there were actually four phases and we were on phase 1 and we should have been on phase three. (Rice cereal was phase four). No wonder it took 30 minutes to suck down a bottle. Now we are down to 5 mins. it is amazing. He has the whole thing down before I even think to burp him. Who knew!?

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jawolheter said...

Hey Megan, we haven't gone yet. Our trip is in April, we will let you know about it when we get back.