Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where's My Baby!?!?!?!

So I knew this would happen someday, but it still surprised me when it did. The other day I put Jonathan on his tummy while I was getting ready in my room. THen I looked over and he was holding himself way up and he was wearing jeans and a big boy shirt and he just looked so big!! I'm not saying that he looks like a big boy, but he doesn't look like a little baby anymore!
I had to take a picture. It was so sad!

So I know this one is off center, but his smile is so cute!!!


melissa said...

He is getting so big... and adorable! We need to get together soon!

JEM Truly Outrageous said...

umm we so do...
actually.... this coming friday March 7. I may be driving down to Indy. I have to be back in the evening, but maybe we can grab a lunch somewhere!