Friday, March 13, 2009

Field Trip

Today I went to the Indy Children's museum with my friend Dana, her daughter Adelaide, and another friend's son River.
I wasn't sure if there would be much for Jonathan to do. But as it turned out there was plenty. He was kind of crabby, and overwhelmed at the large number of kids and chaotic surroundings.
Here are some pictures from the day!

Dana and River playing with the the giant knight foam peices inside the giant lego castle.
Adelaide reading to Jonathan also in the castle. Jonathan is looking adorable in his bear jacket.

This is the 3D lego baby dragon inside the castle. His Momma was gigantic right above him. I stuck my hand in her mouth. It was way cool.
River wanted to ride next to the Lego Knight!

I don't really know what this is but Jonathan seems interested in it!Jonathan found these really cool magnetic gears in the Playscape. Which he was fascinated with. I got to find them and get them. Funny story--Jonathan was finished with the gears he turned to crawl away. There was a stray gear on the floor. he picked it up, turned around and put it back on the board before he continued on his merry way.

Everybody all piled on the Indy Car.

Pardon the pacifier, I generally try not to take pictures with it, or even give it to him when during the day. But it was just that kind of day.

Get out of my face mom!

River and Adelaide--BFF.
Too much fun. I tried valiantly to keep him awake on the way home, so he would sleep for a long time in his own bed. But I was unsuccessful. He was dog tired. I was poking and tickling and he slept through it all.

p.s. i want to apologize for all the typos and odd sentences. i was typing this on the little computer while I was watching TV and I am exhausted and too tired to go back and correct them. So you must just know that I do have some education

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