Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Official

We have officially (I think) entered the next phase of Jonathan's life.
We have long been anticipating it (as long as you can anticipate any part of his near 18 months of existence). Now that it has arrived I admit I am meeting it with mixed emotions. Pride, exhilaration, fear, nostalgia, and sorrow. What a mixed bag. What the heck am I talking about? He started walking.
It isn't smooth or graceful or even consistent. But we have made the first step (no pun intended). The next will come quickly and easily.
Once Jonathan decides to do something, he embraces it wholeheartedly..
It happened for the first time yesterday (Tuesday). In an effort to help me close the dishwasher, he accidentally took three small steps on his own before he realized what he was doing and quickly sat down. Tonight I was at Bible Study and Everette called to ask me a completely unrelated question. While he was on the phone with me he gasped and said he just took a few more little steps.
So I told Everette he had better get the camera out.
Everette did. And made a valiant effort to stage the camera and put Jonathan on his feet and distract him into walking. A feat only before attempted by Olympic athletes. You can see it here....

JDM's First Steps from Everette Mills on Vimeo.

Everette didn't say anything more about it when I got home, but as we were relaxing in front of the TV he put it up on the computer and played it for me.
Admittedly it was pretty exciting.
Pretty amazing.
Pretty incredible.
Pretty relieving too. I thought that boy would never walk!


Annie said...

Wow. That is so exciting! And... I like your rocking chair.

darcilyna said...

yay! my favorite is when everette shoves the dog out of the way and when jonathan starts laughing about daddy standing him back up... what a stinker! he'll be running before you know it!

Michelle said...

Yay!!!!! That is so exciting. Now Jonathan and Emily can chase each other around the house.