Sunday, March 8, 2009

peaceful easy feeling

No this is not a post about the Eagle's.
One of the things that I love most about our house is the people who built it did not skimp on the windows (ok at least not the quantity). Particularly in our room. Our bedroom/bathroom stretches the width of the house upstairs and there are windows on both sides. Our house also happens to be situated in a manner that seems to be most often smack dab in the crosshairs of the wind. Which means sometimes it seems like the house is going to blow down, and we almost always have to keep our doors locked because they rattle in the wind.
But most glorious is the breeze that swirls through our bedroom.
Sleeping with the windows open is one of the most fantastic ways to sleep. As long as it isn't absurdly hot (ok not even absurdly--just mildly). But in the spring and fall especially it is perfect weather for sleeping with the windows open.
Last night was the first time since fall we were able to open the windows.
It was awesome.
Even more awesome, was waking up to the sound of the rain falling gently outside. Not the panicky "oh crap, the windows are open and it's raining" feeling, not the sound of the alarm clock, or a screaming baby.
It was one of those heavenly moments when you wake up to softly falling rain, snuggled up next the one you love before the annoying alarm clock starts beeping and your child(ren) are awake.
It was wonderful.
Iced only by standing on my front porch with my husband and my baby watching the black clouds sweep across the sky in our direction later that afternoon. Feeling the wind pick up and swirl around us. Jonathan stretched out his hand to catch the drops that were already blowing under the cover of the porch.
My mom said to me once, how amazing that in all that man has been able to accomplish:curing diseases, instant communication, skyscrapers, etc. We still cannot control the weather. We can see it coming from miles away, but we are powerless to stop it.
Weather is a reminder of the awesome power of God. you cannot remained unmoved by weather. Terror or wonder, regardless your soul will not remain unprovoked. Weather can even affect your hair for cryin' outloud!!

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Annie said...

So true...

And we're learning that our new house is a fun house to have during a rain storm. You can really hear the rain, which I love, but you still feel snug inside. And Lucy and I sat out on the porch swing on Saturday evening, listening to the thunder. Yep, weather can certainly remind you of the awesomeness of God.