Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where's your nose?

Today I took some video of jonathan being generally cute and walking like crazy. He often chooses to walk of his own volition. All of this video is such.
I must apologize for my own annoyingness. Capturing him on camera of course made me desperate to show off all of his tricks and perform like a circus clown. Jonathan of course was quite content to do his own thing.
We recently bought some video editing software. This is my first attempt. For this I apologize. But really you should thank me because I was able to cut out much of my incessant talking.
Please notice in the last clip near the piano Jonathan has his tongue out. This is a Mills family trait. Everette does it, his dad and all of his brothers have their own variation on this little idiosyncracy.
It is funny to see Jonathan do it already.
It has been scientifically proven to increase concentration.
Attempt at your own risk.

Untitled from Megan Mills on Vimeo.

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melissa said...

None of my three can do ANYTHING without sticking their tongues out.