Monday, March 9, 2009

The Great Purge

My closet has been very sick for a long time. It was all messed up inside. Unfortunately it's illness went ignored and untreated for a long time. Then one day it vomited all over our bedroom. It was disgusting. And messy. But it's better now. All cleaned up and feeling fresh.

So I cleaned out my closet. I started a week ago, but it was so awful that I quit before it got bad. Everette, after looking at the goodwill bag for a week, asked me to finish this week. So I did it... today.

I have been having a love-hate relationship with my closet. Ok mostly hate. Two main reasons really. Before I got pregnant, I had accumulated a pretty decent wardrobe. Then I spent a year (or two) in sweatpants. Now I feel like my clothes are out of date, or don't fit right (or at all). Shopping just seems so much more difficult (now I understand why mom's get off the fashion train for a while). The other reason is, that since I can't ever find anything to wear a lot of my clothes ended up on the floor...of my closet. Thus making it more difficult to find anything.
I still have some Christmas money hanging around so I thought I would go shopping. But I told myself I had to purge my closet first. So I did. I didn't take pictures, because, well, some of you who read this, visit my house. Plus who wants to see pictures of closet puke.

On a much MUCH more pleasant note. Here are a few videos of Jonathan around the house today!

Part 2

Part 3

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