Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Yes, it's here. It has arrived. Actually it arrived last Monday, but I just never got around to taking any photos or blogging about it. Then when Mark was missing, it just seemed to frivolous. Now things are settling back into whatever state of normal we have around here. Bare with me and I will get to a point
Father's Day we had a buttload of family here (or a crap ton, if you prefer, Dallas). We had Everette's family, my immediate family, my extended family. After a dinner of salmon grilled on cedar planks (the best salmon I have ever eaten in my whole fish-hating life), the kids headed outside to officially christen the sandbox.
I thought I would share some pictures, as they are my favorite pictures of the summer, thus far.
Mary goes in first, she is definitely the most adventurous one, I feel sorry for her parents.
Jonathan is soon interested...They waste no time.
Big brother/cousin Elijah steps in, to boss, uh.. I mean... assist.Clearly they are in over their heads, so big cousin Sam takes up as leader. Baby Emily, is never one to sit out an adventure.
They are digging to China, one bucket at a time.It is important, when digging to China, with one bucket,and one shovel, that you pack in the sand as much as you can.

Keep scooping it in. And packing it down...

Dear Greenes--we should consider a family business.. mining of some sort.

We could exploit these kids for a good ten years.
Look, even the little ones are pitching in.
But alas....
It's just too hard.
Abandon ship.

Except Emily, she wants to take a bath in it. That girl is going to be a riot.
All the chillin' dun runn'd oft.What's a hard day's work without a shower.
That is well water, do you know how cold it is?!

do you see my giant peas... more on those later.

can we discuss this sweetness?

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amberbahler said...

This made me laugh! (Which is a good thing after the mess we've been through trying to buy a house.) Really, I just wanted to comment to say, I admire your ability to turn a simple new sandbox into a hilarious adventure!