Sunday, June 21, 2009

Most of you know already, but they have still not been able to locate mark. They had a few leads but so far they have turned up nothing, not camping gear, no nothing.
The most specific things you can pray for are:
1. that the clouds would lift so they can search by helicopter.
2. The snow would stop so that foot searching would be easier, and things wouldn't be covered by the snow.
3. Mark's parents (everette and sharon) can make arrangements to get to Washington and their travels will be safe.
4. Mark has a girlfriend, Suzanne (still in indiana), and I haven't heard one word about her in all of this, but I know they were pretty serious, so this must be tremendously difficult to find her place in all of this.
5. And finally, that God would protect and sustain Mark until they find him. Lord have mercy.

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