Friday, June 19, 2009

Helpless Feeling

So I generally try to avoid posting petitions for prayer about my great-aunt Gertrude who is having her gall stones removed. Not that those don't need prayer, but they can seem cumbersome, tedious and annoying. But this one seems to warrant a post.
Everette's cousin Mark recently graduated from Purdue and got a fantastic job working in Washington State as an airplane mechanic. He moved out there a few weeks ago. As a Hunting, fishing, out-door loving Eagle Scout, living in Everett Washington was a dream come true.
After working all weekend he decided to go camping in the Cascades. He left Monday and was supposed to return Wednesday, having to be back at work on Thursday. Everette's uncle Everette, (stay with me here) hasn't heard from Mark since Sunday despite repeated attempts to call his cell phone. He didn't show up for work yesterday (Thursday) and his company sent the Sheriff to his house. His car was missing and so was his camping gear. The police and park rangers are currently searching for his car. His plan was to drive up the road, pull off and hike about five miles in. What road? we don't know. What trail? We Don't know. You can read the news article here.
I think this is one of the scariest situations I have ever experienced, and I am so far removed.

So consumed with horrible thoughts and unable to do anything to help, I just thought I would appeal to the three non family members that read this blog to pray for Mark and his family.

This is one of those rare times when you actually pray that they find his car parked out side some skeezy motel, where he is inside nursing a hangover and wondering where the tattoo came from. But knowing Mark, this is highly unlikely.

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Annie said...

Megan, how scary. We'll be praying.