Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Funny Story

I sat down and thought I might write a blog post.
So I reread what I wrote previously to see where I left off. I reread everything I wrote about Christmas and I read the last part where I said I would about what happened the rest of the day.
And then I panicked.
See there is this funny little wonder drug called Loritab. We first became friends after my son was born and they stitched up the gigantic gaping hole they had to slice in me to pull out his enourmous head. Apparantly they don't like you to take home your morphine IV.  Anyway, Loritab and me, we're buddies.
Then a few weeks post-baby when that nasty little cavity my dentist had been warning me about worked its way through my wisdom tooth to the nerve, I had to dig out my old pal again.

So when your back goes out on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day happens to be a Friday, you are pretty much screwed until Monday if you don't want to go to the ER. So you go rummaging around in your family's medicine cabinets. A little Loritab here, a little muscle relaxer there. No I didn't take them both at the same time. I bet that would have been awesome.
But here's the other funny thing about Loritab (and probably why we're such good friends). Loritab drops this lovely veil over everything. Nothing is very clear and things all seem to run together. Details seem to get lost. Like what your name is, and where you live, and how to but your shoes on. You know trivial unimportant things.
Here is what I remember about Christmas.
1.Laying awake Christmas eve in this trippy-drugged out-super excited-about-Christmas haze.
2. Crying in the shower in the morning because the old drugs had worn off and the new ones hadn't kicked in yet.
3. Jonathan bringing me a blanket from his Crib so we could "snuggie" together. (new drugs still hadn't kicked in)
4. Laying on the floor at Everette's parent's house. The sound of paper tearing. Murmered voices.
5. Laying on the floor at my gramma's house. More paper tearing. Jonathan doing a WWF wrestling smackdown move on me while I was laying on the floor. Not once, but twice.
6. Five agonizing car rides
7. Laying on the couch at my house watching Paul Blart Mall Cop while Everette made mash potatoes.  If you are going to watch that movie, definitely do it on Loritab
8. Laying on the floor at Everette's parents house again.
9. The glorious few moments when I could sit up in a chair.
And that is what this long whiny post is about. I couldn't remember what it was I was going to tell you about, until I looked at the pictures to jog my memory. Blasted Loritab.

After dinner at Everette's parents house (My parents and sister joined us as well).
My mom brought the famous bells! If you have never experienced the joy of these bells, you simply haven't lived. They are delightful for young and for old. As long as you are not color blind you can play these bells.

Even Jonathan (who doesn't know his colors) had a great time.

Jonathan getting ready to ring!

A few preemptive shakes

And we're off!

Once he got started, there was no stopping him.

Even Grampy got into it (and he is even a little color-blind)

Uncle Brad got a little too enthusiastic.
Mimi and Aunt Laura ringing, and Su-Su is holding the magic cards.

Still ringing..

I think our ears are all still ringing.

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bethany said...

I am SO SORRY about your back! That is miserable!!!