Friday, January 15, 2010

A Pity Party: and You're Invited!

Dear People...
This is what I am up against...




For the record he is not in any sort of "real" distress. He just woke up from his nap and he had already climbed out of the crib, but then I made him do it again for the photo op. I am all about performing. Dance monkey!  He is not always the most pleasant when he wakes up from nap time, you may remember how attached this boy is to his beverages, he does not like to be deprived. Isn't he lucky to have me as a mom?

Question: If my son is apparently capable of "safely" climbing out of his crib, but won't do it until we come in to get him, should we transfer to a big boy bed (removing one of the side rails) or enjoy a few more months where our son thinks he is still trapped in his own bed?

On a side note...
How can someone so small make so much laundry...

To get the real picture you must know that I had already put half of it away. You should envision the basket so full (two loads) that I had to lay my body across it to keep the crap from falling out, think Mount Everest.
We had a major laundry overhaul today. I went in to get Jonathan this morning... only to discover he had yakked all over himself and had diarrhea, that of course soaked through the diaper and everything else(by the way, this only happens when I have both clothes in the dryer AND the washer). So we are also dealing with some serious butt burn. It's bad people. Back-front-thighs-waist. I have used more a&d/desitin today than I have in the previous 27 months of my sons existence, combined.
My son is a mysterious yakker... he does this occasionally and then acts normal the rest of the day... why? are these viruses? reflux? digestive sensitivities? secret plots to drive me crazy? Is this just my cross to bear?

please feel sorry for me. really.


Bob"O" said...

no pity here. I'm the guy that ruined a dust buster vacuuming up you brothers yack.
It is time to move the boy up to the next bed. He might get hurt in the climbing..

Megan said...

yeah dad, that is gross.

Annie said...

Nasty, Bob!

By the way, Megan, I'm not going to say it every time I read your blog, but just from time to time (otherwise I'll feel stupid & redundant), but you're hilarious. You really make me laugh.

Paige said...

Hello, Megan, whom I don't know personally. : ) (I was Annie's college roommate for a year and hijacked your page from hers. Thanks Annie) I also have a random yakker. She's 6. It does get LESS but so far hasn't disappeared completely. also, so far, there is no "diagnosis". (sorry about that...)
And now you will randomly have another reader, if that's ok. : ) 'cause I think your title is awesome and I'm all about mommy-blogs.


Megan said...

thanks for the info. I have a few theories as to why this persists, but so far, that is all they are.
And I am happy to have you reading my blog. If you find it interesting!