Thursday, January 7, 2010

Table Tango

It was a Sunday like any other Sunday. I was in our guest room stripping sheets and folding blankets. Trying to recover from the aftermath of the tornado that was our holiday season. Jonathan turned on some tunes and started to bust-a-move.
He was being hilarious and we were having a great time.  He danced around the bed back toward the radio and then suddenly... he went down.
I didn't hear any loud bangs so I assumed he would be ok. So I continued to fold the blanket.
And then the siren sounded. It was one of those screams preceeded by a few seconds of silence so that the lungs can completely fill with air thus maximizing the volume potential.
I ran over to pick him up and then I saw it. The giant goose egg on his left temple. It was already the size of a large marble. It was purple and it was ugly. It seems he had whacked the side of his face on the corner of the nightstand.
Of course he wouldn't let me touch it, or ice it, or even look at it.  After a few minutes he was acting pretty normal, so I ruled out any significant head trauma.
the next morning all the pretty colors showed up, so I thought I would take a few pictures for you.

Of course the Jonathan sat very still and cooperated fully.

 Here's the first good shot.

Here you can see the purple on the eyelid

What you can't see is the lovely yellow shading on the upper eyelid spreading out to the temple.

once again

Obviously I couldn't skip this one.

 Hello cutenes!

Not one hour after he bashed his head... poor Jonathan was playing in our bathroom and smashed his thumb  in our shower door. Here you can see his smashed thumbnail.

Again... you can understand why I had to post this one...
He is spending too much time with his dad. This is his excited face.

 And the final eye shot... with the toothbrush hanging out of the mouth. Classy.


Haley said...

poor jonathan!! I remember Ethan's first goose egg.

Annie said...

Oh man. I'm glad he wasn't hurt any worse...

Angie O. said...

Jonathan's such a cute little trooper!!!

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

Bad parenting united! I forgot to turn the monitor on last night, so I couldn't hear Abby when she cried.