Monday, January 25, 2010

My Story

Hey everybody.
Jonathan and I are out of town this week. We packed up the van and headed for Cleveland with my mom, to visit my aunt (my mom's sister).
One of the items on our to do list was read through the letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother while he was in Italy during World War II.
We read through a few of them and spent some time looking at some old photos.  My cousin Sam was hanging out with us listening  to the letters. He is your typical thirteen year old, aloof and a little mouthy. Actually he is not a typical thirteen year old. He is actually pretty great, no..he is pretty awesome. He is only mildly aloof and just a teensy bit mouthy, and of course only to his mom.
His early teen perspective does provide some hilarious moments. Like tonight.

In light of these recent epiphanies about her parents, Nancy (my aunt) asked Sam (my cousin) "Sam, do you know my story?"
His response, in his adolescent, non-melodic, newly lowered vocal register,  precisely expressing just how lame he thought she was, my cousin responded, "yeah... you were born,  married Dad, and then you had me."
Yes, Sam, in a nutshell, that is her story.
Only a thirteen year old could sum it up so succinctly.


Annie said...

Oh dear. I was a pretty awful teenager. I wonder what sorts of things I said to my parents??

Anonymous said...

A good medicine tastes bitter. .........................................