Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am Back

I am back from a week of being dead. Essentially. Or wishing I was. ok maybe not quite. But in serious pain. My little back spasm turned out to be quite intense. I spent all of Christmas and the next two days laying on my back over a heating pad with my legs elevated. It was one of the worst pains of my life. Just to give you an idea... I have not checked my email, facebook or read any blogs since Christmas day.  Do you see the pain I am in?
On monday I was feeling better only to go to the chiropractor and come home feeling worse (plus I was out of drugs). Monday I had a small mental and emotional breakdown. Then woke up tuesday feeling better than when I woke up Monday. Starting to panic because we had family coming in from out of town.
 Then went to the chiropractor again and returned feeling a little bit worse again. Wednesday I woke up feeling better again. Used all of my will power to force myself to the grocery store (things were getting desperate). Clung white-knuckled to the cart, gritting my teeth. Made it home, cleaned the toliet just in time for my aunt and uncle to arrive.
Every morning I have been waking up feeling better, but I am still in a fair amount of pain. My chiropractor is out of town until Monday. He had the audacity to take his wife to NY to celebrate New Years, in honor of their ten year anniversary.
I am sure I will make it, and I promise to post Christmas pictures and blog about what I can remember.
I will leave you with one highlight...
I got Both soundtracks to Glee for Christms... yes. it was a good year!

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Bob"O" said...

Meg, I'm glad you are returning to normal. I know from experience back pain IS NO FUN!!!! I hope you continue to get better. Love Bob"O"