Saturday, February 27, 2010

What in the world???

So here it is almost eleven o'clock  and I am watching a Help Haiti Live Concert sponsored by Compassion featuring some Christian bands..old school and new school and Alison Krauss (which I unfortunately missed!)
Anyway... they are having an auction and they are auctioning off some pretty cool things... a gibson guitar. tickets and backstage passes for Dave Matthews this summer. passes to Hannah Montana tapings (if you are into that).
However... by far the highest selling item on this whole dang auction is a three night stay at the Pioneer Woman's Lodge.  It is going for double the gibson guitar (the second highest item) for a whopping $1625.00 (with 9 hours left). Good Grief!!
Not to mention you still have to get to her super remote location in Oklahoma. I don't know why, but this strikes me as so strange... I mean great for her, and compassion, but she is up against Dave Matthews!! A year ago I wouldn't have had a clue who Pioneer Woman even was!
Her husband did take their oldest daughters on a Compassion trip to visit their sponsored child, which is cool.


amberbahler said...

I find this strange too...the things that Christians (who support Compassion and watch Help Haiti Live) are willing to put their money into...fascinting...

What I am also scratching my chin about is the fact that a concert sponsored by Compassion is auctioning off DMB tix...did I read that right? (Am I mistaken or isn't he infamous for smoking pot at his shows? Not that I'd have an issue...but most Compassion sponsors probably would...)

AND...While I'm glad that Compassion is having such an event and is staying the course in Haiti...doesn't it seem like they should be doing a Help Chile Live Concert at this point?

I think I must be really tired, or didn't take my vitamins today, or something because the more I think about all this, the more confused I get...

Megan said...

But Amber! It's for a good cause we can over look a lot of things of good causes... not to mention they have HANNAH MONTANA passes!!!! For serious.
Also... in Compassion's defense, I think the artist Big Kenny (of Big and Rich) hosted the concert, and I have a feeling that he might have initiated the whole idea with compassion. Don't take me to the bank on that... and nonetheless Big Kenny and Compassion make an interesting match to say the least.
I am also guessing compassion doesn't have the worldwide notoriety to pull off super last minute concerts at they Ryman. I am guessing this has probably been in the works for a while.