Monday, April 15, 2013

Rabbit Food

It's that time of year, that time of year when I convince myself that spending hours down on my knees digging in the dirt is fun. My back does not believe it.
Today was time to get a jump on the garden. A few weeks ago we planted some lettuce, spinach and sugar snap peas. I forgot to take pictures, so stay tuned for those.

Today I planted 19 billion broccoli plants, some cabbage, red cabbage and some Napa cabbage.
Last year I planted broccoli three different times because the dang bunnies kept eating them. Dang Bunnies. Those dang bunnies made a cozy little nest under my deck and all of my broccoli, three times. My back does not like the bunnies. This year I declare war on the bunnies.
I will fight them with bars and bars of Irish Spring soap.

 I also planted 25 bazillion onions. Sweet onions. Sweet. Sweet. Onions. I love sweet onions. These onions are called Candy Onions. They are delicious. They are gigantic. They are awesome. The bunnies do not eat these. I love them. Really love them. Like. A lot.

Next up... tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers, and the herbs. Dig. Dig. Dig.

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