Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Wedding.. Part One

This past weekend, Everette and I headed to Branson, Missouri to celebrate the his middle brother's wedding. It was a fantastic weekend. For a few reasons.

1. My parents came along.

Everette was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid and Jonathan was a ringbearer. I quickly realized we were going to need reinforcements. So I asked my mom to come along as the granny-nanny. Then I convinced my dad to come along as the Granny-Nanny Navigator/Arm-Candy. My mom got lost in my neighborhood once, so she doesn't have the best reputation. The truth is my parents were invited to the wedding, but I quickly put them to work and exploited them for my own gain.
They were a God-send. Literally. This weekend would have been disastrous without them.

2. This was our view from the hotel room.

Yes, those are train tracks. and yes that is a train station. And yes there was a train that departed every three hours from that station.

And yes we could see it right out of our bedroom window....

The hotel room, that was beautiful. That had a balcony, and BEST OF ALL it had connected rooms with my parents. Of all of the things I was hoping this weekend to be, having a connected room to my parents was TOP of the list. And to top it all off, Jonathan spent the weekend sleeping in my parents room. SUWEET!!!

I'll keep it short for now. More later. I have to drag this out because I don't have anything else to talk about, except the fact that my dog ate my broccoli. And I find that depressing.

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