Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ride Like The Wind....

Or ride into the wind.

A few years ago, Everette lost his marbles and decided to be a biker. And I stupidly got caught up in it.
Well, that's not really the truth. The truth is, learning to ride a bike saved our marriage. Well, that's not really the whole truth either. The truth is, God saved our marriage, by making us bike riders. But that is really a story for another time.

The point of this post is to talk about Everette. Everette and Jonathan. When we first got married Everette served on the board of directors for Lafayette Habitat for Humanity (if you never heard of Habitat, clearly you live under a rock). He has been involved with them for the past ten years.

Indiana Habitat puts on Cover Indiana Bike Tour. A ridiculously long bike ride beginning in Lafayette and ending in Indianapolis and meandering all over the state. Everette is only doing the first day. Lafayette to Crawfordsville. 51 miles. 51 long long miles. In the wind. Up hills. In the blistering sun. In the pouring rain.
Sounds like fun, no?

To add an element of nuttiness. Everette is going to drag Jonathan, along.  Uh. I mean, Jonathan is going to pedal.

Last year Jonathan outgrew our bike trailer. And we thought our long bike riding days were over. There was no way Jonathan was going to pedal his own bike 30+ miles on a bike trail with us. We were also pretty sure Jonathan would never tolerate sitting on a tandem, pull-behind bike, where there was nothing to do but sit up straight and look at the scenery.
So we found this crazy contraption called a WeeHoo IGo.

It isn't cheap. But it's kind of awesome. After some researching, and some thinking, and some
discussing. We decided to get it.

It's a little early in the bike riding season but I think we made the right choice.
It is also going to allow Everette to tow Jonathan fifty-one miles to Crawfordsville, assuming Everette doesn't pass out.

The pictures here are from our first practice "ride" of the season. We went 23 miles down and back to Colburn. Everette and Jonathan, and me dragging my sorry-self behind.

Obviously, the Cover Indiana Bike Tour is a way to raise awareness and money for Habitat. Everette and Jonathan are raising support. You can support them by clicking on the link you just blew passed. Their goal is $1000! Will you help them reach it? If you stay tuned I will provide updates on training and the actual event. Which takes place Sunday May 5th.

To clarify. I am NOT riding my bike from Lafayette to Crawfordsville, because I am not an idiot. I will be driving the SAG wagon. And reading. And providing snacks and juice boxes to the weary riders. And Jonathan.

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