Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wedding Finale

Ok. ok. Enough is enough. This will be my last post about the wedding weekend. That is of course until I change my mind and write something else because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want. :)

Have I mentioned that the wedding was beautiful. Just beautiful. Picture perfect. It was smallish and intimate. and just so much gosh darn fun.

Once again, the pictures are all from Aaron Ide. Except this one! I took this one, of Karie and Aaron Ide (uhh with his camera). Thanks again Aaron!

The reception was across the parking lot at The Stables, you know, where they keep the horses...
Here's the view from the balcony where cocktails were served....

Beautiful flowers. Beautiful flowers.

Table cards. Hey! I made those. And by made those, I mean printed out the template Meghan sent me and glued it onto the purple paper I chose.

 Head table.  Family style. It was so fun to sit across from people and have a conversation.


Cake! Wedding Cake! Yummy Delicious cake! Wedding cake was three different kinds, I don't even know what kind I was served, but it was delightful. The grooms cake was Oreo served with glasses of milk. I won't lie, I had a piece of each. 

 Bride and groom's first dance. Now things were just getting started!

Did I mention that I had a great time?!

 Guess who else had a great time! Grant and Kelsey, you are up next! I can't wait.

Proud Mammas!

 Everette, always ready to help out!

Party is over! Good night everyone! It's been grand! 

I told you this wedding was amazing!