Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Train. Planes, and Automobiles

I wrote this post in the car on my way to Branson....
It pretty much describes Wednesday to Thursday... Take heart, things started looking up from here.....

Currently I am sitting in the passengers side of my Dodge Grand Caravan listening to  a Freakonomics podcast. 
Why? Because my husband is a nerd. And because when I travel with him, I get my nerd on, and it is awesome. I feel so smart. Everette has four hours of Freakonomics and four hours of Marketplace Money. That is how we roll in the Millsss van. We are headed to Branson, MO for a wedding. Everette's brother's wedding to be exact. 
Let me bring you up to date. 
Tuesday, Everette's dad went to the emergency room with severe vertigo and some pain in his left arm. After being cleared of any serious heart or brain issues, he went home, with driving restrictions. Everette's parents left Wednesday afternoon to begin the drive to Branson.  
Brad and Meghan (The bride and groom) boarded a plane at 7 AM Wednesday in Washington D.C.  Baltimore with their dog, Isabelle. Around 10 AM they landed at Chicago O'Hare. 
Wednesday Morning a Gigantic, terrifying, tornado making monster storm started moving east across the country. 
Brad and Meghan landed, and learned their next flight had been cancelled. They were rescheduled for 2 PM. 2 pm came and went, and there was no flight. And the stormed raged on. They were rescheduled for 8 PM. (BTW-I am totally making these times up, because really they don't matter. Just know they were on two flights that were cancelled and scheduled for an 8-8:30ish PM flight. i.e. the last flight out)  
Mary and WL (everette's parents) left Wednesday afternoon, hoping to make it to St Louis, Mary being the only able-bodied driver (i.e. not on Valium). Several hours, one monsoon, and ONE flat tire later, they made it to their hotel. 
The storm raged on. 
Meanwhile back in Indiana, Everette and I (and my parents) are packing and planning, getting ready for our 7 AM departure. With our ear to the ground (or tuned to the cell phone) ready to move into action, should our fellow sojourners need anything.
In Chicago, Meghan and Brad, are waiting, and hoping, and taking Isabelle out to pee. 8 PM came... two-hour delay. More thunder, lightening, and big winds. 10:30 comes. Last flight to Springfield-cancelled. 
So in Indiana... Everette is on standby, ready to drive to Chicago to rescue the stranded bride and groom. Brad and Meghan, after being denied passsage on the 8AM flight, as a last ditch effort tried to rent a car. 
At this point all three parties maintain radio silence. Nail biting, phone checking, and praying, continued in Indiana. Finally, after an hour of silence, at Midnight-thirty Everette and I head to bed. Just as this spectaular storm starts heating up in Indiana. 
One hour later, the tornado siren went off. We dress, and turn on the TV, and debate whether to wake up Jonathan. Sirens turn off, Chad Evans says worst part of the weather is over. Lights off. Back to bed. 

Alarm clock goes off at 5:45 Eastern. Hit Snooze. 6 AM get up and load the car. 
Meanwhile back in Chicago.....
Brad and Meghan were unsuccessful in renting a car. So they make friends with two perfect strangers, loaded themselves along with Isabelle but sans luggage into a minivan and took turns driving through the night to Springfield, MO. Arriving at the butt-crack of dawn.

Flash to 9 AM Central Time Mary and WL are on their way to the tire store, to fix the flat. We are west of Effingham Illinois, and Brad and Meghan made it to the Springfield airport to pick up the rental car they had already arranged. Hoping their luggage will arrive in Springfield by the promised 1 PM time
Whew! This wedding is already a production, and we are just getting started.
UPdate: Just heard from Mary Mills, van needed four new tires and alignment   WL is feeling lightheaded and sitting with his head between his knees. He says it's just the vertigo. :)

Last Update: The bride and groom made to Springfield, procured their marriage license, and eventually secured their luggage. We (Everette and I) made it Branson before his parents who left on Wednesday evening .

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