Friday, March 28, 2008

The Blessedness of Sleep and the Mystery of the Waffle

Everette returned yesterday evening and he even got in at a decent hour (9:45). So after a two nights of not going to bed until 3 AM I finally got some rest. It is strange how four years ago I actually slept better with Everette was gone and I got the whole bed to myself. Now I am used to sharing the bed and it seems strange when he is gone and the house is empty. Needless to say I slept hard. It was wonderful.

Ok new subject. There are 10 waffles in a box and when I make Everette waffles-I make him two. HOwever there is always only 1 waffle left in the box. How can this be?

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Bob"O" said...

So he does have a bad day. After grocery shopping on Wed. I thought he was perfect. Hugs and Kisses from Bob"O"